Globe-athon 2013 — Rocks Nairobi!

This morning over 400 participants gathered in Karura Forest to stretch, walk, dance, laugh, drum, eat, and take a step to end women’s cancer.  Globe-athon Walk to End Women’s Cancer is a global event, and Kenya was one of 80 countries that participated in this first-ever global cancer event!  Women for Cancer Early Detection and Treatment, a KENCO partner organization, was the organizing team for today’s very successful gathering in Karura Forest.  Several KENCO partners came out and shared cancer awareness materials with the event participants — Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya, Stoma World Kenya, Faraja, Childhood Cancer Initiative, Hope and Courage International, Africa Cancer Foundation,  HENZO — plus several ‘friends’ of KENCO.  Funds raised today by Women for Cancer will go to support free pap smears for women.  Congrats on a great event!


One thought on “Globe-athon 2013 — Rocks Nairobi!

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