2013 Maximize Life Campaign comes to KNH

The Max Foundation 2013 Maximize Life Campaign took to an impressive start at Kenyatta National Hospital on 24th October 2013 with CCI organizing a psycho-social support event for childhood cancer patients in wards 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D.  The event also aimed at raising awareness about childhood cancer and thereby reducing stigma and the feeling of isolation that patients and their parents often experience.


A warm up jig during the event

During the event, which had a variety of educational and recreational activities, the Global launch of the beautiful book titled ‘Maximo and The Big C’ which tells of the story of Maximo the sparrow, who was  able to overcome his disability in order to rescue a smaller and weaker kindred found expression in distribution of copies of the book to patients.


A boy writing his name on the book 

A remarkable narration of the story about Maximo the sparrow by Dr. Carolyne Oyugi of KNH Children’s Learning Centre accompanied by an inspiring ‘Maximo and The Big C’ show on the same by a troupe of acrobats, made a great day for over 140 children in attendance. The Max Foundation cancer awareness wristbands were distributed to all children as well as parents. The event showstopper was a memorable miniature cake dressed with the words ‘Get Well Soon’ for every patient and parent who were in attendance.


Carolyne telling the Maximo story

KNH Learning Centre also received copies of the book. A Kenya Broadcasting Corporation TV crew were in attendance to cover the event which turned out to be a big success. Despite the challenge of facing up to a difficult health situation, the children took to enjoying the day as best as they could and which left some of the invited guests asking whether they are indeed in-patients.

The support extended to us by KNH Corporate Affairs Dept as well as Valentine Cake House, Nbi cannot be over emphasized. Our partnership with The Max Foundation in this event, lends a big hand to creating childhood cancer awareness and  contributes to cancer control efforts in Kenya.


Reported by: Joseph Omach   

Dated: 24th October, 2013