World Cancer Day – Corporate Declaration Meeting

Feb 4: Today the Kenya Medical Association hosted a media event – the Corporate Declaration against Cancer – to launch their month of cancer-related awareness events.  Events will include a visit to the pediatric cancer patients at KNH on Feb 15th and a combined scientific conference and screening event at KICC Feb 21st and 22nd.  Key speakers included Senator Peter Anyang Nyong’o (former Minister of Health) and Mrs. Ruto (wife of Deputy President Ruto).  Key messages included the need for awareness and greater access to treatment (through universal health coverage).  KENCO partners present included Kenya Cancer Association, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Africa Cancer Foundation, Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association and Cancer Awareness Centre Kenya.

Here’s hoping that corporate partnership will be long-lasting in the cancer control campaign in Kenya!

One thought on “World Cancer Day – Corporate Declaration Meeting

  1. I lost my MUM to cancer of the cervix last year,but among her talks during this period were.
    1.always visit and encourage those who are in this condition.
    2.never victimise any cancer patient at whatever time.
    3.GOD first.
    Let’s celebrate those who are in this condition and honour those who left us. I salute Beatrice Awuor Kasuku,among others

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