A tribute to Serphine

Today the world lost a brave soul.  Someone who fought cancer.  Someone who fought to educate her community about cancer.  Someone with endless energy and passion for her work.  Serphine Awour, a cervical cancer survivor from Siaya, was laid to rest today, having suffered from pneumonia for the past three days.  I had the fortune of knowing Serphine after Lilian Ochieng, Nation journalist, reported her brave story last year. I encourage you to read and watch her story here.

Lilian put us in touch. We connected Serphine to Maureen Momanyi, a cancer advocate in Kisumu, and together they have helped many people through education and help through the cancer journey.  Death came too soon.  Her plans were big.  She was studying nutrition at Great Lakes University.  She wanted to help as many people as she could.  May her spirit inspire us all to continue in this good work.

Rest in peace, Serphine.

5 April 2014




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