Cancer Dinner at Villa Rosa Kempinski

eddahs hopeThe Cancer Gala is an event designed especially for corporates and individuals willing
to or in support the cause by reaching out to the young adults. Through the use of an extensive social media, print and direct marketing campaign we intend to broadcast the event on a massive scale.

Why Sponsor The Cancer Gala?
By Sponsoring EHCF cancer gala will provide your company/organization/association/institution will have impacted on over 17,000 lives and it will grant you an opportunity for participants to align themselves with a socially responsible brand giving additional to an opportunity to;
• Build channels and contact database through networking with participants
• Win new business
• Differentiate yourself from your competitors and enhance your influence
• Building brand awareness by attracting, retaining and maintaining a workforce as well as be a product or service provider of choice
• Establish positive public relations



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