Cancer Treatment Financing

Please help us make this listing as extensive as possible, to help patients most in need to get adequate coverage for cancer treatment.  Send any revisions to

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)P.O. Box: 30443 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya, 0800 720 601 (Toll Free), (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94, (020) 2722527,  Branches: Located Country Wide.  The Fund’s core mandate is to provide medical insurance cover to all its members and their declared dependants (spouse and children). The Fund is governed by the NHIF Act No. 9 of 1998. NHIF membership is mandatory for all Kenyan residents who are employed and have attained the age of 18 years. There is also voluntary membership for residents who have attained the age of 18 years with no upper limit of age or limitations on any pre-existing conditions. Special membership is considered for orphans who have a sponsor. The monthly subscriptions for the voluntary membership start at KES 160 per month. Annual rate is 1,920 Ksh per year per family/card. NHIF covers only for  in-patient treatment for up to 180 days/year at all accredited facilities which are government ,private and missions and are contracted individually.  A separate scheme has been organised by the government for civil servants and disciplined services i.e. (Kenya police, prisons, AP, JSU, NYS). All medical conditions including cancer is fully covered at all NHIF accredited hospitals for in-patient and out-patient care.

A & K Global Health, 5th Ngong Avenue Office Suites, 8th Floor, Nairobi, +254 (0) 20 234 4295, +254 (0) 706 514 359,  Provides information about available local and international medical treatment and offers packages to assist patients in making informed health care decisions.  Locations include Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya and India.

APA InsuranceApollo Centre, 07 Ring Road Parklands, Westlands, P.O Box 30065-00100, Tel. No. +254 020 286 2000, Fax. +254 020 286 2200, Email:  Offers Femina Plan, cash benefit for policy holders diagnosed with Breast or Cervical Cancer.

UAP Insurance Company LtdBishops Garden Towers, Bishops Road PO Box 43013, Nairobi, KENYA, +254 – 020 – 2850000 Fax +254 – 020 – 2719030, Customer Care Centre – Queensway House, Tel: 2228070, Wireless: 3572 845,  Country-wide insurance services through Afyaimara program, for chronic and pre-existing conditions.

Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund KenyaP.O Box 30760-00100, Nairobi, +254 (0) 720 729 936,, Provides financial support to children with retinoblastoma (eye cancer), including payment for medication and radiotherapy, and raises public awareness about this disease.

21 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment Financing

  1. My heart is very bitter because of cervical cancer.My mum died of cancer and now my elder sister is put down.Wev sell almost everything for medication.More money is needed.Help please.

  2. I have a sister who’s diagnosed of gland cancer at aga Khan hospital and is also expecting twins which are 5months old.due to the above conditions treatment is delayed and she’s in a lot of pain I’ve 300k and wish to take her to India for specialized and faster treatment. I need your financial support to see us through for travelling,up keep and extra cost.thx and be blessed.

  3. Hi happy new year.i got a question rright now my dad need a throat cancer screening in recognised cancer instution but unfortunately hes no cover insurance how can such person get assistance from you guys kindly if possible get help from you yrs faithfully musamba

  4. Hi,

    I am an Apollo hospitals international agent we offer good rates for cancer patients to be treated in India so feel free to contact as we are authorized health facilitators. feel free to forward us your patients who are willing to travel to India. We are at Regal plaza, parkland
    Limuru road. p.o. box 55225
    Tel: 3751665/3748701/3743625


  5. Please we need help finance and advice for my niece who is diogniced with cancer almost five years back she s been undergoing chemotherapy and we have not gained any lasting solution its been years but she s still suffering now she s so weak we are not financialy stable now we are pleading with any one for help to support us so our beloved dear can go back to her studies her mother and father are no longer alive we depend on well wishers I only beg any one who can be touched by our situation contact me on my email below my God bless you all

  6. Hello, my mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, right now she is at nairobi west hospital after the cancer caused uremia, she is not getting any treatment because of the outstanding bill….. We have managed to pay around 300k please help us,,,,

  7. Hello,
    Over the weekend I went to my village and found this man from the neighbourhood who settled in the area after 2007 PEV. He is in his 60’s but he is a bachelor. In the past 1 year, he had been suffering acute pain from the back of his mouth. He went to the dispensaries around the area and when he realised that the condition was getting worse than improving, he visited Naivasha District Hospital. At Naivasha Hospital, he was told that he was suffering from cancer and was referred to KNH. He however could not make it due to financial conditions. As I write this, it is over a month since he was referred to KNH and the condition is getting worse. When I visited him on Saturday, I found him screaming in tears due to pain in his room. He can’t work, he doesn’t have any savings….he has nothing left in his world apart from pain and tears. The neighbours have taken some initiative to give him food but not consistently. He doesn’t lock his door because sometimes he is unable to get out of bed so that whenever a neighbour comes, he/she can just enter. I left him in pain and tears. I have had sleepless nights since then wondering how to help him. I have decided to write this because I don’t know how to assist him coz I have no money and no connections to get him to KNH. I know you cannot let him die while you can assist him in one way or the other. Please, if you feel you can assist him, feel free to contact me for more details.
    Thank you

  8. My dad was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer and we have already gone through 2 chemotherapy session. We are now preparing for the third session and 35 sessions of radiotherapy.

    Sir, please let me know if there is a way that we can get some financial assistance of contacts of an organisation that can assist us.

    Kind regards.

  9. My son has colon cancer. With great difficulty, we raised enough money to send him to India for treatment. He needs to return to India on 1st June for surgery for Sh3,000,000. Is there any financial assistance available to help us? Is there any insurance cover we can afford to help us? Thank you for any assistance you can give us.

  10. Hallo I really need some answers, my mum has just been diagonised of cervical cancer.we pay for the NHIF and would like to know if NHIF can Cover up the cost of Chemotherapie and radiologie.
    Please do let me know which hospital can cater for my mum through this NHIF n pay all the bills
    thank you

  11. My father in law has gone throgh two months of chemo & radiotherapy at Tesas xcancer centre thanks to NHIF for all his sessions were paid for. For once NHIF makes sense to me

  12. Hi, My mom has just undergone surgical eye removal due to cancer and prompt radio therapy is required to prevent reoccurrence. Kindly assist to raise funds for the latter as we call upon well wishers, family and friends to come to our rescue.

  13. Please people of good heart help us ,my mother has been diognised with oesophogeal cancer and is in acute pain, we have been advised by a doctor to take her for chemotherapy which we cannot afford on monthly basis. Once more I request for assistance from whoever is willing to help her see tomorrow.

  14. My granny has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer at Rift Valley provincial hospital,what we need agently is counseling and expert advice. This will help us to move forward

  15. Hey? My dad was diagnosed with cancer and is required to go to India for treatment and has the nhif cover but the offices say they can’t cater for outside treatment. Please help…

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