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To learn more about the Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations, please send an email to:

The  National Coordinator on or

You can also visit our Facebook page for more details.

Office contact details:

|KMA Plaza Apartments
|Block E Suite 1.1 Mara Road, Upper Hill
| P.O. Box 106383-00101 Nairobi, Kenya
|+254 799 400 875, +254 780 688 084

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    • I have read about herbal treatment of breast cancer at kenya Eldoret Hospital . I am from India and my wife is a breast cancer patient .She has taken Annona Muracatta and her tumor has reduced to half ,But her tumor has developed a wound which has opened . Can you suuggest its treatment specially herb that is used in that Hospital .Or suggest me how to contact them

      • We empathize with your wife’s condition and trust that she will continue with treatment without any further delays. I am yet to learn about the herbal treatment at the hospital you have mentioned. However, it is advisable that you seek medical assistance from the nearest health-care facility (preferably under a cancer treatment specialist) even as you look for alternatives … to ensure that your wife is attended to promptly. Thank you.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    I will be in Houston, Texas to research on various cancer hospitals. Can you please provide me with some recommendations on accommodations?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

    Mary Rose Omones

  4. My Name is Susan Rodrigues, Managing Director of REVITALIZE WELLNESS CENTER. We are introducing a program from 1st March 2016, on alternative cancer therapy, which will include consultation with a qualified nutritionist on changing eating habits and lifestyle, lymphatic drainage massages and fitness classes. We will also be including Juicing and having a positive mental attitude. How can we get in touch with Cancer Patients that may want to explore this avenue?
    Thank you

  5. Hi my name is Mr.Simiyu Jevons,I am a wellwisher who has been surporting a cancer patient,I have currently run out of funds and am watching this poor single mother die,in her house,do you offer such help to patients so u may bring hope back to this lady who totally can’t afford medication?Her situation is worse and I have no other option,pls help

  6. Lawrence Mosongo
    Age 60years and lives in Nairobi.
    In the past two months I started experiencing pain on both of my breasts. And I have experience d a lamp on my left breast. Kindly where do I go for urgent breast Cancer screening?

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