In the News

Jan 31st 2017: Launch of Cancer Education Materials in Kenya. Article by By Eunice Kilonzo – Daily Nation

Jan 23rd 2017: Life beyond cancer by Daily Nation

Oct 15, 2014: I lost my uterus to a rare form of cancer. The Star article by Maryanne Wanyama.

Apr 16, 2014: Sanlam group donates money to fight cancer in Kenya.  Standard Digital News article by Patel Okumu.

Apr 15, 2014: East Africa: EAC Health Ministers Discuss Non-Communicable Diseases

Feb 18, 2014: Palliative care offers cancer patients degree of comfort. Standard Digital News article by Lonah Kibet.

Feb 5, 2014: About 30% of cancers in Kenya caused by HIV. article.

Feb 4, 2014: Vulnerable cancer patients exploited.  Standard Digital News article by Peter Orengo.

Feb 4, 2014: Cut cancer treatment cost, says Ruto.  Standard Digital News article by Margaret Kanini and Isaac Messo.

Feb 4, 2014: My experience with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The Star article by Nduta Waweru.

Feb 4, 2014: Why 27,000 cancer deaths annually indict Kenya’s health care system.  Daily Nation article by Joy Wanja Muraya.

Jan 30, 2014: Kenyans spend Sh7bn to treat cancer abroad, says Macharia. The Star article by Henry Kibira.

Jan 29, 2014: Two people die of cancer every hour. Standard Digital News article by Lonah Kibet.

Nov 15, 2013:  Cancer campaigner is Nurse of the Year.  Daily Nation article by Benson Amadala.

Nov 7, 2013: Ministry plans to put up four regional cancer treatment centres. Standard Digital article by Gatonye Gathura and Rawlings Otieno.

Oct 14, 2013: How poor diagnosis delays onset of cancer treatment. Standard Digital article by Frankline Sunday.

Oct 12, 2013: Helping the sick is my business.  Standard News Feature Story.

Oct 9, 2013: Official wants president to label cancer a mass killer.  Daily Nation online article.

Sept 13, 2013. Cancer patients hang by a thread as drugs held. Standard News article by Lonah Kibet.

Sept 12, 2013. Cancer drugs seized in tax row.  Daily Nation article by Mike Mwaniki.

Sept 6, 2013. Eco Bank Gives Sh12 Million for Cancer Fight. online article by Elizabeth Were.

Sept 1, 2013. Life Expectancy Gap Widens Between Women in Rich and Poor Countries.  Voice of America online article by Lisa Schlein.

Aug 30, 2013. Kenya: 300 Cancer Patients Receive Aid.  Star online article by Rita Damary and Michael Nderitu.

July 31, 2013. Futures Group Kenya partners with IBM to Fight Cervical Cancer. newsroom article.

July 23, 2013. Mozambique hosts anti-cancer meeting.  Africa Review Kenya online article.

June 25, 2013. Doctors use HIV to cure girl of blood cancer.  Standard Digital News article by Gardy Chacha.

June 7, 2013. Family survey ‘key to war on cancer’.  Daily Nation article by Lilian Ochieng.

June 7, 2013. New smoking trend could increase cancer cases. eHospice Kenya article by Aquinas Nyakundi.

May 30, 2013. Kenya embraces cervical cancer vaccine. Daily Nation article by Njeri Rugene.

29 May, 2013. My story might just save your life.  Daily Nation article by Lilian Ochieng.

May 14, 2013. Kenya First Country to Protect Girls Against Cervical Cancer with GAVI Support.  AllAfrica online news article.

May 14, 2013.  Why is cancer so common? Standard Digital online news article.

May 9, 2013. Kenya: Rising Cancer Cases Worry Medics.AllAfrica online news article.

May 7, 2013.  Kenya: Celebs Support Fight against Cancer. All Africa online news article by Grace Kerongo.

May 3, 2013. Cervical cancer mortality rate faced by women in Kenya is approximately 10 times as high as in the United States. MedIndia article by Bidita Debnath.

Apr 22, 2013.  Why is cancer so common? Science section, BBC website.

Mar 12, 2013.  Kenyan Network for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  INCTR online news article.

Mar 11, 2013.  Annual Review Meeting of the African Cancer Registry Network in Kenya.  INCTR online news article.

Mar 7, 2013. Prioritize cancer diagnosis and treatment centres. Standard Digital News Editorial.

Mar 2, 2013. Top student wants to fight cancer. Standard Digital News article by Phares Mutembei.

Feb 25, 2013. Kenya Gets Ksh. 517B to Fight Cancer. Citizen News article by Maureen Murimi.  Sh500bn grant for cancer centres in Kenya. CapitalFMNews article by Wambui Ndonga.

Feb 11, 2013. Killer cancer still neglected in Kenyan healthcare system.  Daily Nation article by Sara Mojtehedzadeh.

Feb 4, 2013. Kenya commemorates World Cancer Day 2013. WHO Information Bulletin.

Feb 4, 2013. Palliative care recognized in Kenya’s Cancer Clinical Guidelines.  eHospice Africa article by Aquinas Nyakundi.

Feb 4, 2013. Experts warn on rising cases of cancer. Daily Nation article by Mike Mwaniki.

Feb 4, 2013. GAVI Funds Vaccines to Protect Girls Against Cervical Cancer.  Kenya is one of the first 8 countries to roll out the vaccine (Kitui County).

Oct 8, 2012.  ‘Uniting Against NCDs’ Regional Workshop to Address Non-Communicable Diseases Kicks off in Nairobi.  WHO Regional Office for Africa website.

Aug 2012.  Cancer on rampage in Kenya as the government grapples.  Africa Science News article by Henry Neondo.

Aug 6, 2012. Kenya intensifies fight against cancer. Sabahi Online article by Julius Mokaya.

July 26, 2012. Kenya: Cancer Act Will not Bring Instant Help for Patients.  The Star article by John Muchangi.

July 23, 2012. Rwanda: Butaro Cancer Center a Milestone for Local Treatment.  Rwandans to receive free cancer treatment.

July 10, 2012. Kibaki alarmed at cancer deaths in Kenya. CapitalFM News article by Catherine Karongo.

Mar 31, 2012. Cancer robs Kenya of selfless peace crusader. Daily Nation news article by Sunday Nation Team.

Aug 23, 2011. First National Forum on Non-communicable Diseases. WHO Regional Office for Africa website.

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