Support Group Meetings

All  Cancers Support Group, Aga Khan Universtiy Hospital, 1st Thursday of the month, 2pm to 3.30pm,

All Cancers Support Group, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Nairobi Place, Mokoyeti West Road (off Langata Road), starts 21st September, 10:00am-12:00pm,

All Cancers Support Group, Kenyatta National Hospital, Radiotherapy Department, 2 Fridays each month, 11:00am.

All Cancers/Hospice Support Group, Nairobi Hospice, every Thursday, 12pm,

All Cancers Support Group, Nairobi Hospital Counseling Department, Short Stay Auditorium, 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2:15pm – 4:15pm, 0721 963 465, 0722 281 362.  Open to patients, survivors, family members, Nairobi Hospital staff.

Breast Cancer Support Group, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, 4th Tuesday of the month,

Cervical Cancer Support Group, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, 3rd Tuesday of the month,

Colorectal Cancer Support Group, Aga Khan University Hospital, 2nd Saturday of the month, 10am to 11.30am,

Prostate Cancer Support Group, Faraja Cancer Support Trust, 2nd Wednesday of the month,

14 thoughts on “Support Group Meetings

  1. My dad,has been fighting since 2010 when he was 1st diagnosed&has gone fr mre than 10 sessions of chemotherapy & a nmbr of radiotherapy. We would like to be part of ths support group&learn more about cancer. Thanks for your continued support for cancer patients.

  2. my dad went through numerous treatments here at home but unfortunately we had to go to india kwa matibabu…all went well and i am thankful to a friend who connected me to the hospitals

  3. Thamani Ya Mwanamke East Africa is starting a support group in Kisumu with offices in Maembe Moja . We want to bring them together and tackle evryones needs one at a time all are welcome contact 0715074666

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  5. I am Brenda Habwe, a freelance Documentary story teller. I am working on a story about childhood cancer. My main aim is to create awareness and to support the kids. I would really appreciate anyone who knows anyone with a child that is a cancer patient, or a survivor and would like to share their stories and save or change other children’s lives to contact me. Lets save our children. 0706440760.

  6. Hie Brenda,my name is Rose and a nurse by profession and just completed my breast cancer treatment though still on oral tabs for 5 interested in pediatric cancer awareness.please get in touch with me.0713-243845.

  7. My mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer early this month, l would like to join the group for counseling and to learn more about cancer so as to create awareness to others because mom is advanced to stage IV and these affected me so much .

  8. Hi my name is Mary, and I would like to be help to the cancer patients. I have a supplement that has helped many patients and it has proved that it is working! It is what is the secret thats being used in india! Please give any one who would like to have it my email address!

  9. Hi all. My mum is now a cancer survivor! As we celebrate and thank God for this miracle(she had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage II), she would like to join a group where she can be a voice to the victims of these disease that needs urgent eradication. Any suggestions?

  10. I am Anne Kimani a cancer warrior diagonised and treated 6years ago with breast cancer. Being young then , at 23 and a new mother what kept me going n gave me courage to face the “monster” is the testimonies and encouragments I got from Faraja and Nairobi hospital support groups. I always thanks God for this two groups n others that are doing a fantastic job to cancer patients. God bless you KCN for the good job you are doing keep up👍

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