Cancer Treatment Providers

Cost of cancer treatment varies based on various factors, including level of treatment needed, inpatient vs. outpatient care, public vs. private hospitals, etc.  Consult the institutions directly for cost information.  For a listing of hospice and palliative care services in Kenya visit the KEHPCA website.

Hospitals with Cancer Treatment Services

Aga Khan University Hospital, Limuru Road, Parklands, Nairobi, +254 (0) 20 366 2037/2644, +254 (0) 732 688 911, Provides detection and screening programmes, specialised diagnostics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, and palliative and rehabilitation programmes.

Beacon Health Services Cancer Treatment Center5th Ngong Avenue, 5th Avenue Building, 3rd Floor, Nairobi, +254 (0) 714 298 000, +254 (0) 736 998 000, Provides cancer diagnosis and out-patient treatment services.

Coast Province General Hospital, Kisauna Road, Mombasa, +254 (0) 41 231 4204, +254 (0) 722 207 868, Provides cancer screening, chemotherapy and surgery.

Kenyatta National Hospital, Hospital Road, Nairobi, +254 20 272 6450. Provides cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment (including chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and palliative care).

Kijabe Mission Hospital, P.O. Box 20, Kijabe 00220, +254 (0) 20 324 6500, +254 (0) 733 779 994, Provides screening, chemotherapy and surgery treatment for several cancers – primarily breast cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma and surgically treatable cervical cancer.  Provides palliative care.

Mater Hospital, Along Mukenia & Dunga Road, South B, Nairobi, +254 (0)20 653 1199, +254 (0)733 641 870, Provides leukemia, breast, cervical and prostate cancer testing services; surgery for malignant tumors; general cancer management services.

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, AMPATH Oncology Centre, P.O Box 4606, Code: 30100, Eldoret, plus satellite clinics in: Kitale, Webuye, Busia, Chulaimbo (Kisumu), Mosoriot, Turbo, Iten, +254 704 381 628, +254 721 176 262. Provides cancer education, screening, diagnosis, treatment (including palliative care).

 M.P. Shah Hospital/Cancer Care Kenya, Shivachi Road, Parklands, Nairobi, 0733 606 752 (MP Shah), +254 20 374 0132 (Cancer Care Kenya), (MP Shah), (Cancer Care Kenya). Provides diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Nairobi Hospice, Kenyatta National Hospital Complex, Hospital Road, Nairobi, +254 020 271 383, Provides out-patient and home-based palliative care for cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Nairobi Hospital, Argwings Khodek Road, Nairobi, 0722 204 114, Provides cancer screening and treatment services (chemotherapy).

Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Hurlingham, Nairobi, +254 20 272 6821,  Provides gynecologic oncology testing and treatment.  Free breast screenings and fee-based cervical screenings each Thursday, 10am-4pm.

Texas Cancer Centre, Argwings Khodek Grove, Hurlingham, Nairobi, +254 753 623 971, +254 20 262 3605. Provides cancer screening and treatment services.

Tenwek Mission Hospital, P.O Box 39 – 20400
, Bomet, +254 20 2045542, 
+254728091900, Provides limited screening, cancer treatment services (gynecologic), stenting for esophageal cancer patients, and palliative care services for cancer and other terminal illnesses.

76 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment Providers

  1. I have a one year old boy with eyes problems ,it has been very hard to believe that there is no other way than removing both eyes.i need to see a cancer Doctor.please assist.

    • Dear Paul, Sorry about your son’s condition. You urgently need to see an Oncologist(Cancer doctor) with the medical report for your boy-visit the nearest hospital with an Oncology Centre eg Kenyatta National Hospital, The Nairobi Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referal Hospital,Tenwek etc.-(depending on which part of the country you and son are). We pray for a better prognosis.

  2. good to know that your organisation cares for the health of our much is mammogram at nairobi womens hospital

    • Hey please please i need help. I know a lady called gladys that really needs help. She cant afford breast cancer treatment and jus had a new born baby. She has 4kids and she is scared that she might loss the battle if she does not get help. Please help her anyway you can. God help her. My email is if u need more onfo or knw someone who can help her please email me back. God bless you

  3. You blog is very nice information and this information about the Cancer it’s very dangerous and this ill from alcohol & Drugs addicted. if anyone patient of Cancer so please choose the best way avoid from alcohol & drugs we have the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Texas by The Arbor

  4. Hey, i would like to if there is any fee required for screening. because i want to be screened for both breast and cervical. Recently i have been experiencing pain on my left boob and abdorminal pain with blood clots. Thanks in Advance

  5. Am happy to find this page. My husband needs radiotherapy after surgery. He had a malignant schwannoma. What are your charges. Any assistance pliz.

    • Overall cost of a check-up would vary from one health facility to another and it is advisable that you inquire from the facilities (mentioned earlier) that provide these services.

  6. Hey am sherry where can get breast cancer screening in mombasa Kenya…. Which cost the cheapest there is abnormal growth down my nipple plzzzz

    • Hello Kevin,
      Thankyou for your question. For us to be able to answer, kindly let me know where you are based. However, KNH or Rift valley Hospital in Eldoret are the most preferred referral hospitals. You can also try other hospitals like Agakhan or Texas cancer center if you are in Nairobi or any other hospital of your choice near you. Thanksyou

      • hey, I hv a small lump at the vagina am afraid it might be cancer. it has need there for a long time noe I started noticing itching legs and skin rushes. please advice’s.

        am unemployed and scared if visiting hospitals since I don’t have money to do so.

        can I hv any help

  7. Hi am godwin ,I’d like to know I have had this cough for quite some time and its persistant i have tried all tests except lung cancer test,where can i get the cheapest centre? Thank you

  8. hi my name is Lusala,i have breast lumps and i no i need medication,where can i be treated at a lower cost,thankyou

  9. I have a brother who was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had successful surgery but doctor says he needs chemo. Cancer has not spread to lymph nodes but was found in the fluid in his stomach during surgery. Where would you recommend we go for chemo treatment. Any referrals?

  10. hi,am peter from baringo county i know of a herb that has cured external cancer,there are three patients who had been diagnosed with cancer and now they are cancer free.where can i take it for research.

  11. I have a pain in my bladder surroundings for some tym…a sharp pain esp. when my sex hormones are active….what could be the problem?

  12. hello
    my name is mariam. My sister was diagnised with cervical cancer but she cannot afford the treatment. anthelp will be appreciated

  13. my mother has breast cancer, its now a year. we dont have finances to take her to hospital. how can u assist, my contacts 0700638922, kindly assist

  14. I am in Kitale and am experiencing constant need to pee especially at night and pains around the chest which does not seem to go away. Where can i go for tests in this part of the country

  15. Hi I’m seline oduor from umoja2, I’ve been experiencing itching from my nipple that does come n dissappear especially after removing bra is when I feel it n now I irritation side way but there’s no any pimple or swell, it’s now 3 months and it’s only on my left breast kindly advise, cld it be a cancer sign??

  16. Hello! I appreciate the kind of support available in this forum from all sources, this is very encouraging. Please assist me to get a cancer treatment drug called ‘birinapant ‘ we need it badly to try as last resort. You can reach me on . Thanks and may God bless you!

  17. My dad, 55, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Is it possible to find a center that would proceed to treatment without redoing the diagnosis? we are trying to avoid extra costs. Any advice on how to proceed?

    • Dear Dieudonne, Sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis. Unfortunately most health institutions will begin by redoing the diagnosis before they proceed with the treatment. However, I believe you can express your concern to the oncologist and they may be able to assist you. We wish you all the best.

  18. Hey, I have this lower abdominal pain and I can feel a grain like growth on my right testes. I also sweat a lot at night is that a sign of prostrate cancer? Please help I feel confused.

  19. Hallo, At what age does one (a man) need to go for cancer screening? How much would that cost? and which are some of the affordable hospitals in Nairobi?

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