Cancer Screening Service Providers

Check the Network directory section for organizations that provide free cancer screening events and the cancer treatment providers section for hospitals that provide screening services.  This listing is separate from the cancer screening services provided at government and private hospitals.

Medanta AfricareGolden Plaza, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi. Provides cancer screening services.

Nairobi Pathology & Allied Services, LTD, Dr. Mutuma G.Z., Consultant Pathologist, Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, 2nd Floor, Room 37, Nairobi,, +254 (0) 0722 801 299, +254 (0) 0734 801 299. Provides consultation in histo-cytopathology, forensic and medical legal services, health education, cancer screenings, prevention and control.

Pathologists Lancet Kenya, Ltd.5th Avenue Office Suites, Opp. Traffic HQ – Upper Hill, 5th Ngong Avenue, Ngong Road, +254 (0) 703 061 000, +254 (0) 703 061 000, +254 (0) 20 273 5123, Additional locations around Nairobi, plus Eldoret, Garissa, Kibra, Kisumu, Malindi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyali, Thika. It is an internationally accredited laboratory that provides cancer screening and diagnostic testing services for all cancers, through tests that are clinically validated.  Tests are done at subsidized rates for public hospital patients and needy cases.

Path Care Kenya, Ltd.Regal Plaza, Limuru Road, Nairobi, +254 (0) 20 375 3416, +254 (0) 20 243 0854,
 +254 (0) 20 243 0753,  Provides cancer screening services.

41 thoughts on “Cancer Screening Service Providers

  1. am 30 year old man.av a serious problem with my chest.the nipples av grown tramediously huge over several years.i nowerdays fill fartigued.and more serious is a sharp severe pain jast below the chest and joints of the left hand.could this b cancer???.

  2. am 30 year old man.av a serious problem with my chest.the nipples av grown tramediously huge over years.more so i experience a sharp pain jast below the ribs and pain in my left hand joints.could this be a sighn of cancer???.

  3. Dear Sir,We’re medical company representing American and Chinese companies supplying and manufacturing of Radiotherapy and oncology systems as Cobalt 60 3D conformal features and MLC, IGRT…Also we have a very good and long experience in radiotherapy field at highest standard services and value added technology to upgrade the existing systems as Cobalt, LINACs , CT-Simulator, conventional simulator with CBCT option, HDR and brachytherapy…If you find interesting in these services kindly send to us with what your requirements to send you all technical informations and catalogs.Your response is highly appreciated at any time.Regards,Hossam ShaltoutCEO,Macro Care Co.Mob:+20 111000 2118This e-mail sent by my mobile phone.

  4. Hi! I live in Nairobi’s kawangware area,am not that well of,kindly requesting if u you can refer me to any nearer center where I can get free cancer screening thanks.
    Lilian Macha

  5. Hello, kindly refer me to a free cancer screening facility. I’ve been very unwell lately and my doctor can’t diagnose any sickness. I reside in Umoja innercore, Nairobi.
    Kind regards.

  6. hlw am june from mombasa,I have been experiencing some symptoms and i think am not owk can u please refer me to where i can go for screening

  7. Hi l stay in suba Homabay County. My younger brother has a swollen finger that has lately ruptured exposing his bone. Could this be cancer? Please help.

  8. Hello Sir am 29 old,when I was pregnant of 6month I notice have one spot in my pence not paining but it’s had. breastfeeding for now 3 month the stool is very very hard paining and fresh blood when I go to toilet can be cancer?I went to hospital but gave me a medicine call flaggl but no change pliz help.

  9. my name is Lilian from Naivasha but reside at sultan Hamud I have a pimple like swelling on my Right breast and a very hard swelling in btwn the breast below the chest where the stomach join the chest
    plis help where I can get free cancer screening. Thanks in advance and God bless

  10. Hi,
    on saturday I began experiencing pains in my left testis ,firstly I thought it was normal only to realise later that I had a small swelling inside my testis which is currently the size pea seed could this be cancer?

  11. I think I may have colon cancer,iv read of the symptoms and I have all and it freaks my out.Do these guys offer screening for free

  12. Hi
    I have a small painless swelling in my right testical.
    The size of a green gram. I am in Nakuru .Kindly advice me on what to do. Its now 4 months from the time i started feeling it.

  13. Hallo am john 21 years of age and i have recently discovered something that feel like a big hard pimple just next to my anas….. could this be prostrate cancer symptoms. ..??

  14. hello.we are planning on an modelling event that would create awareness and do screening on breast cancer come October.could you please refer me to an organization that would help in making this event successful?
    thank you

  15. what are the sign of throat cancer because of late have been experiencing sore throat that is abnormal and small hiccup that is frequent with sometime discharge like vomits but small

  16. Hi. My cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer while in Lebanon and they operated on her. She is on medication and recently came back to Kenya. We are looking for a hospital that is cost friendly for chemotherapy. But financially we are a bit squeezed. What can we look up for. Located in dagoreti corner.

  17. Hello am phyllis,22 years old.currently residing in Mombasa,i did pap test last year which turned negative .Am requesting for your update concerning cancer month when you will be offering free screening services this year.
    Thank you.

  18. Hallo..An Ephraim Mbunga from Busia and i would wish to report acase of ulcerative colitis that has costed me alot of good happy moments…Am hopeless and i need help out of this hopeless scenery..Am 28 years old and it is worsening since 2015 april.It is still on after swallowing mega doses of sulfersalzines plus many other combinations of drugs. I want the colob removed if possibe.Please HELP ME.

  19. Hallow my name is Erick I have had problems with my throat for about 9 months I have been under medication with x-rays but they keep telling me my throat is Okey while still am not Conformable with my throat I still have some signs that worries me please advise where can I get throat cancer screening in mombasa???

  20. l am Patrick .
    l reside in meru. my father aged 79 went for free cancer screening as per advertisments at meru level 5 hospital and after check up, he was advised to buy an injection to assist him have a biopsy sent for further investigation. The injection cost between 6000-9000 shillings. apart from cost the injection can not be found in meru unless he book with chemist here in meru, for latter delivery. my question is. Is there a way of getting the injection free from the government since he thought everything is free.

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